On August 26, 2015  5:00 P.M.

Corner of Sheriff’s Posse Trail and Bentley Road, Prescott, AZ 86303


(Agenda #1)  The meeting was called to order at 5:00 P.M.  Noel Gormay, Joe Veranth, and Mike O’Connor attended, along with one other community member.


(Agenda #2) The minutes of July 22 were accepted with an amendment to the last sentence to agenda item 3, paragraph 4 (see website for corrected version).


(Agenda #3) Though Bert was absent, the Board considered his three-tiered proposals and concluded that it could offer a letter of support for level 1, modifying A.R.S. 48-1083 to delete paragraph A and modify paragraph B to prevent unlimited reimbursement.  Bert would need to propose wording for the latter to allow reasonable expenditures and inflation adjustment.  The Board would support level 2 replacing the RIMD with an alternative form of association, but the alternative would have to be approved by the community before the RIMD was dissolved.  Devising such an association and  obtaining community approval would not be the responsibility of the Board.  Level 3 with no legal association was too vague to garner Board support at this time.  Further discussion will be placed on the agenda for future meetings pending Bert’s return.


(Agenda #4)  The only current event item was the pending sale of one of Drucker’s lots.  It appears that the new owner will access that lot from West Vista Pines Road rather than through the SPC RIMD, and may result in a petition to redraw the District boundary.


(Agenda #5) Walk through of the roads focused on 15 locations.  A map will be available at the next Board meeting.  

  1) north of SPT between the King driveway and Brogan Court

  2) the culvert entrance under SPT between the King driveway and Bentley Road

  3) the local high spot on the south side of Bentley Road

  4) the east side of SPT north of the intersection with Gentle Breeze Way

  5) the seepage through SPT at the intersection with Gentle Breeze Way

  6) the south side of gentle breeze way west of the O’Connor/Mullins driveway

  7) the east side of Weekes Road south of the Danowski driveway

  8) the west side of Weekes Road north of the Briant driveway

  9) the northwest side of the Hawk/Weekes intersection across from the Cardinal driveway

10) the south side of Butterfly Ridge Road

11) the south side of SPT between the Danowski and O’Shaughnessy driveways

12) the south side of SPT west of the existing riprap west of Jazz Lane

13) the west side of Jazz Lane

14) the south side of SPT east of the Stone driveway

15) the possible turn-around for Waste Management at the end of SPT. 

Items 2,3,4,5,7, part of 13, and 14 were deemed challenging enough to be postponed for more major work which may involve concrete, jackhammers, and new asphalt. The other locations can be substantially improved now with riprap and shovel work.  Noel will get an estimate prior to the next Board meeting. 


(Agenda #6,7) Noel will call another meeting as soon as he has an estimate for road work.  The agenda will include another opportunity for Bert as well.


(Agenda #8) Call to the public was not answered.


(Agenda #9) The meeting was adjourned at 6:22 P.M.