On May 26, 2016  6:00 P.M.

Prescott Public Library, Elsea Room, 215 E. Goodwin St., Prescott, AZ 86303


(Agenda #1)  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.  Attending were Noel Gormay, Bob Keltie, Mike O’Connor, Joe Veranth, and five other community members.


(Agenda #2) Noel moved to approve the minutes of November 17 and 19, 2015.  Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


(Agenda #3) There were no questions about FY16 expenditures.  Bob Keltie reminded us that the $3,610 road maintenance expenditure did not cover all of the work that we identified in our walk-around meeting, but only that portion we chose to do in 2015.


(Agenda #4 & 5) Concerning the spring which creates an ice condition at the intersection of Sheriff’s Posse Trail and Gentle Breeze, Noel expressed a reluctance to undertake a repair or even estimate a cost since we don’t know exactly where the water comes from.  Joe stated that the Wellins, who have taken the lead in documenting this problem, recommended that we postpone a repair till the next road chip sealing.  As a result, the Board decided to continue to wait and watch the problem, while continuing to set aside money for an eventual repair.


(Agenda #6) Per the FY16 budget, the Board voted unanimously to transfer $7,600 from the M&O account to the Chip Seal Reserve.


(Agenda #7) Regarding Mike O’Connor’s tenure, Mike made clear that he intends to fulfill his responsibilities as a Director for his full term ending January 1, 2017.  He is not resigning, merely announcing his intention not to run for another term.  This means we need to find somebody in addition to Noel to run for the two Board seats up for election this November.


(Agenda #8) Regarding actions and costs prompted by the November election, Joe handed out lists of the deadlines for both District actions and candidate actions, summarized from the District web site.  The most important ones are that by August 9 the District must publish twice in the Courier a Call for Election, and by August 10 any candidate must file a Threshold Exemption Statement, a Nonpartisan Nomination Paper, and a Nomination Petition.  Joe will handle the District requirements as well as sending notifications to the community, and can provide any of the required documents to any interested candidate.


Regarding costs, if there is only one candidate for each  of the two open positions the cost to the District will be approximately $200 for a pair of Courier notices.  If there are more candidates than positions, the cost goes up to $600 for Courier notices plus a $500 fee to the County for conducting and certifying the election.


Fran Morris-Higgins asked about the requirements and responsibilities for the Director position.  Joe stated that the requirement is that he/she be a registered voter in the district  The responsibilities, which can be found on the web site, are divided up among the Directors the Financial Administrator, and any other volunteers at the first meeting after January 1.


(Agenda #9) Bob presented a estimate of revenue and expenses for FY16 to the Board, as well as a straw-man budget.  Both can be found on the web site, and will be published in the Courier on June 6 and 13th.  Bob pointed out that primary changes from last year were a different carry-over amount, an increased insurance estimate, and additional administrative costs due to the election year.  The latter assumes the election is uncontested.


Joe summarized by pointing out that we are typically budgeting $19,000 each year and spending $14,000.  Of the latter, more than half goes to the chip seal reserve.  The $5,000 difference provides for various contingencies.  Bob also pointed out that the difference between budget and actual expenditure also provides a carry-over which is necessary to fill the gap between our fiscal year end and when we start to receive revenue from the tax levy.


Noel moved to adopt the straw-man as our proposed budget for FY17, Mike seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


(Agenda #10 & 11) The  Public Hearing on the budget,  was scheduled for June 16. 


(Agenda #12) During the call to the public, Bob mentioned the minor avalanche on Sheriff’s Posse Trail just south of Bentley Road.  Joe volunteered to move the fallen rock.  Melitta Keltie reminded us of the deep ditch on Weekes Road just south of Danowski’s driveway with potential for road erosion which we discussed at the last walk-around.  The only remedy suggested was to fill it with rock.  Noel told us that he had spoken several times to Richie at the County about the potholes in the county-maintained part of Sheriff’s Posse Trail, and will continue to pursue it. Mike spoke briefly about his attendance at a State training session for Records Officers.  The value was limited, since it was aimed at much larger districts with IT departments, however he learned that retention periods are measured not from the date of record creation but from the end of the relevant period (presumably the fiscal year).


(Agenda #13) The meeting was adjourned at 6:48 P.M.