On May 20, 2021,  4:00 P.M.

2625 W Bentley Dr, Prescott, AZ.  86303


(Agenda #1) The meeting was called to order at  4:10 P.M.

Attending:  Laura Ross, Shanen Lacy, Joe Veranth, 6 other community members


(Agenda #2) Laura reviewed the FY2020 financials through April.  This winter we spent $1,900 on snow plowing versus the $5,000 budget, and nothing on road maintenance or landscape, so the budgeted $9,000 transfer to the "chip seal" account will result in a surplus (carryover) of approximately $4000 in the M&O account.  The 10-year bond employed for the road construction has now been completely retired.  Joe moved that the budgeted $9,000 transfer be made from the M&O account to the Chip Seal account, and that the remaining balance of approximately $280 in the Loan account be transferred to the M&O account.  Both motions were approved unanimously.


(Agenda #3) A review of the snow plowing last winter resulted in a consensus that despite an unusually troublesome storm the combination of volunteer effort and by-the-hour support from Environments by Rojas was more effective saved us $10,000 vs contracted services, so we'll plan to do the same thing next winter, with a budget of $3,500.  We also identified the need to replace a few more cinder buckets.


(Agenda #4) Laura presented some information obtained from the County regarding speed-limit signs. It was decided to install 18"x24" signs on 10' poles -- two going each way on SPT and one each way on Weekes.  The budgeted cost is $1,000 assuming we obtain the signs from the County supplier and make the installation a volunteer effort.


(Agenda #5) Summing the above discussions, Joe moved a proposed FY22 budget with $3,500 for plowing, $1,000 road maintenance (signs & buckets), $1,200 for insurance, $200 for administrative costs (Courier), $1,000 contingency reserve, and $10,500 transfer to the Chip Seal Account, resulting in a tax levy a couple percent less than last year.  The motion passed unanimously.


(Agenda #6) The Public Hearing on the budget was set for June 12 at 4:00 P.M.


(Agenda #8) Neal Manske brought up the subject of dead tree removal, observing that the AZ Department of Forestry cost sharing program, in which the Forestry Department identifies the trees, you contract with an AZDOF-approved contractor for removal and the State pays for half, is very slow, the cost isn't that clear, and it's not very contractor-friendly.  But if you are patient, it will eventually work.


(Agenda #7) Joe, Laura, and Shanen divided up responsibilities for next year.  Since Joe usually schedules and leads meetings, we'll adopt titles of Joe as Chairman,  Laura as Clerk, Financial Administrator and Records Officer, and Shanen as Vice Chairman.  Details can be found on the District web site.


(Agenda #9) For the benefit of our new Board member, we held a brief review of the Open Meeting Law.


(Agenda #10) The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 P.M.