On May 17, 2021,  4:00 P.M.

2625 W Bentley Dr, Prescott, AZ.  86303


(Agenda #1) The meeting was called to order at  4:16 P.M.


Attending:  Laura Ross, Shanen Lacy, Joe Veranth, 3 other community members


(Agenda #2) Laura reviewed the financials through April for the FY22 year ending June 30.  To date, we’ve received $13,182 in taxes, which is $360 below the budget.  It is estimated that collections by year end will equal the budget.  No money has yet been transferred to the road reserve, but it is planned that the budgeted $10,500 will be transferred before fiscal year end.  None of the $3500 snow plow budget was spent, but up tp $300 was authorized for some recognition of the volunteer effort.  $609 of the $1000 budget for road maintenance and repair was spent for the speed limit signs and cinders.  The result is an estimated fiscal-year-end balance of $5,400.


(Agenda #3) The possibility of ameliorating the risk of a collision at the curve-and-hill on Sheriff’s Posse Trail by use of convex traffic safety mirrors was reviewed.  Joe presented some numbers for the cost and potential benefit of such mirrors.  It was concluded that such mirrors would not reduce the likelihood of a head-on collision, but may prevent a collision between SPT traffic and a car coming out of the Ross/Lambert driveway.  Laura will check it out and make the call.


(Agenda #4) Joe brought up the possibility of doing something about the road-edge breakup at the inside of the two corners on SPT.  The conclusion was that the only cost-effective solution was a DIY effort by the community.  Shannen also recommended that we do a walk-around to look for other issues.  Jeanne Wellins also provided an update on the spring at the intersection of SPT and Gentle Breeze.


(Agenda #5) As a result of the above discussions, the Board adopted by unanimous vote a proposed FY23 budget which is the same as the FY22 budget for insurance, legal, administration, snow plowing, and contingency reserve, but the repair, maintenance, and landscape budget was raised from $1,000 to $2,500 to allow for road shoulder/edge/crack patching, new cinder barrels, and a mirror.  Considering the looming cost of the SPT French drain installation and repaving and the potential impact of inflation upon future major repaving, it was also decided to raise the “chip seal reserve” transfer from $10,500 to $15,000.


(Agenda #6) The public hearing for the proposed budget was set for Friday, June 10 at 4:00 P.M.  


(Agenda #7) There’s a District Board election coming on 11/8/22 and Joe will not be running for re-election, so there’s a critical opening.  The deadline for submitting a nominating petition with five signatures is July 11.  A Statement of Interest must be filed after June 11 and before collecting the signatures.  


(Agenda #8) There was no additional business.


(Agenda #9) The meeting was adjourned at 5:32 P.M.