May 13, 2024, 3:00 P.M.

The residence of Randy Loemker

2190 S. Wolverton Trail, Prescott, AZ 86303


  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:03 P.M. In attendance were Randy Loemker, Laura Ross & Shanen Lacy, and one other community member.


  1. Randy and Laura updated and the attendees reviewed the FY24 YTD financials. We’ve collected almost all the budgeted tax revenue for the year. Snow plowing costs came in at a significantly lower cost, almost 50% less than what was budgeted. And the road maintenance and miscellaneous repairs also were more than $12 thousand lower than what was projected. Insurance costs went up slightly and put us $70 over budget. And we had a small unplanned expense under RIMD Administration for checks in the amount of $212. The extra added expenses will come out of the contingency reserve.


  1. Discussion by the attendees regarding snow-plowing results for 2023/2024 were positive. There was agreement that the vendor AZ Earth Crafters/Dan Brutinel was responsive and reasonably priced, and in conjunction/coordination with neighbors who also participated in snow clearing, were successful in keeping the roads passable.


  1. Discussion and review of road maintenance repairs completed at SPT & Gentle Breeze; and the complete chip seal of Butterfly Ridge Road were both favorable. Randy proposed possible general maintenance to shoulders and cracks, as well as options for complete slurry/chip seal of all roads. This was further discussed in the context of the FY2025 Budget agenda item 5.


  1. There was general discussion about the FY2025 budget. Randy suggested that a major consideration for The FY2025 budget would be possible major pavement protection and life extension projects ranging from professional crack-sealing to complete road system chip-sealing similar to what was done in 2023 on Butterfly Ridge.  Randy has initiated discussions with and will be meeting with asphalt contractor Earth Resources and they have agreed to have a representative attend our next meeting (budget approval meeting scheduled for May 29) to provide their expert input on the various options.  Consensus was favorable. There was a discussion regarding if and how we can earn more interest on our reserve funds.  Randy will discuss with the county, as we have to comply with their rules and limitations.


  1.  Budget approval meeting will take place on March 29th at 1 P.M.  and the Public Hearing is slated for June 19th at 1 P.M. So that the budget can be submitted by the July 1st deadline.


  1. Randy moved that the Board call elections for two open Board seats and communicate to the community that elections will occur this year and that Randy will provide process and timing information to interested parties—said information also available on the Yavapai County website.  Shanen seconded the motion and with no discussion the motion passed unanimously.


  1.  A call to the public added no additional items.


  1.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:52 P.M.