The intent of this page is to list maintenance issues within the RIMD right-of-way that need to be dealt with. If you see something that needs fixing such as road obstructions, potholes, eroded rode edges, clogged culverts, cracked asphalt, blocked ditches, damaged signs, vegetation-blocked sight lines, etc. Please contact Shanen Lacy at 816-308-5755 to get an issue on this list, volunteer to fix one or report it fixed.

We have created a budget for work such as this, but DIY volunteers save us money.

Known Community ROW Issues  
One-time volunteer opportunities  
Shore up the shoulder where the asphalt edge is threatened  
Ongoing culvert maintenance  
Maintain SPT culvert half way between Bentley & GB  
Maintain 2 GB culverts between Wellins DW & SPT  
Maintain the GB culvert between Riesland & Manske  
Maintain 2 Weekes culverts between Rivard & Danowski JR
Maintain 2 Weekes culverts between Briant & Cardinal  
Maintain Hawk culvert between Keltie & Briant BK
Maintain 4 culverts under Butterfly Ridge  
Maintain culvert inlet on NE corner of Higgins  
Maintain culvert under end of Hawk  
Maintain SPT culvert between Danowski & Pareja  
Maintain SPT culvert between O'Shaunessey & Walsh  
Maintain 2 culverts under Jazz JV
Maintian 2 SPT culverts between Veranth & Deakin   
Maintain SPT culvert between Genshock & Deakin  
Maintain SPT culvert between Genshock & Lockwood  
Maintain 2 Wolverton culverts between Genshock & Levenson  
Maintain 2 Wolverton culverts between Bell & Stevenson  
Maintain ditch at the corner of SPT & Jazz JV
Keep  driveway culverts clear -- owner responsibility Owner
Ongoing brush/sightline maintenance  
Clear sightlines at SPT/Weekes intersection DD
Clear sightlines at Weekes/Hawk intersection  
Clear SPT Sightlines at Walsh bend JV
Clear Sightlines at SPT/Jazz intersection JV
Clear Wolverton sightlines between Levenson & Loemker  
Major Repair Issues  
Fix water seepage problem at SPT/GB intersection XXXX