On May 21, 2020,  4:00 P.M.

2051 Sheriff's Posse Trail, Prescott, AZ.  86303


(Agenda #1) The meeting was called to order at  4:15 P.M.

Attending:  Laura Ross, Shawn Cardinal, Joe Veranth, 4 other community members


(Agenda #2) Laura presented year-to-date finances.  We are on track to receive all the budgeted tax revenue for the year ending June 30.  Snow plowing costs came in at $4,408 as opposed to the $2,500 budget.  Road maintenance expense was $9,223.45 compared to the $20,000 budget, primarily due to the decision to fog seal all our roads, rather than chip seal Hawk and Butterfly Ridge per the budget.  As a result, we have $8,798 in the bank.  Joe Veranth moved that we transfer $7,000 from the M&O account to the Chip Seal reserve this fiscal year.  The motion passed unanimously.


(Agenda #3) The snow plowing situation this winter was discussed.  Due to a serious misunderstanding of their bid, as well as a lot of questionable time spent here by their crew, Dr. Green Thumb proved to be much more expensive than expected.  The community hero proved to be our plowing coordinator, Leon Dame, who did all the road clearing after the first snow fall with his quad, with zero cost to us and no complaints.  He deserves all our thanks.  We'll consider what to do next season at a future meeting.  For now, we decided to budget $5,000 for next year (a year after Neal Manske suggested it).  Leon asked that we plan to put in reflectorized stakes to make it easier for him.


(Agenda #4) Joe Veranth offered a proposed FY21 budget which would leave the tax levy the same as this year, transfer an additional $9,000 to the chip seal reserve in anticipation of chip sealing Hawk & Butterfly Ridge in a year or two and all the rest of the roads in 6-8 years, raise the snow plow budget per the previous agenda item, and leave the rest of the budget largely unchanged from last year.  The complete budget proposal can be found on the District web site, SPCRIMD.org under the agenda for 6/12/20. The proposal passed unanimously.


(Agenda #5) The Board terms of both Laura Ross and Shawn Cardinal are ending on December 31. Since Shawn has expressed a desire to step down from the Board, we 

are seeking another community member to step up. The deadline for filing petitions is 7/6/20.  Joe will provide procedural information to any interested candidates.


(Agenda #6) Lowell Lacey stated that he would prefer to plow and maintain "Bentley Road" himself, install a gate, and use it as a private driveway, since he owns all the land accessed by it and on which it resides, and since the County has never designated it as a road. Joe stated that there appears to be no grant of public easement for the right-of-way, and moved that the RIMD give to the Laceys the road sign, to do with as he wishes and cease all maintenance activity for said roadway.  The motion passed unanimously.


(Agenda #7)  Joe reported that he had requested of Kim Kapin County recommendations for handling public meetings in light of the pandemic, social distancing, and the closure of library meeting rooms, and had received no useful response. He moved that the Public Hearing for the budget be scheduled for 4:00 P.M. on June 12 at 2051 S Sheriff's Posse Trail.  The motion passed unanimously.


(Agenda #8)  The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 P.M.