On October 1, 2014  4:30 P.M., on the SPCRIMD right-of-way


(Agenda #1)  The meeting was called to order at 4:30 P.M.  Noel Gormay, and Joe Veranth were present, along with one other community member.


(Agenda #2) We reviewed the post-rainstorm condition of the roads, ditches, and culverts around the intersection of Sheriff’s Posse Trail and Bentley road, and concluded that the existing culverts are adequate.  The problems of earlier rainstorms appear to be the result of clogged culverts which didn’t happen this time.  The only remaining action items are:


1)Creating small ditches at the top of Bentley Road to ensure that the water flows off to the side rather than down the road

2)Setting riprap along the edges of approximately 30 feet of Bentley Road and 60 feet of Sheriff’s Posse Trail where the water is now flowing next to the road, and shifting the dirt to create a ditch on the far side of the riprap.  Two things are important when we do this.  First, if the riprap is close to the road, it must be set into the ground so the top of the rip-rap is below the level of the road, or else the plowed snow will push the riprap into the ditch.  Second, the bottom of the ditch must not be “lined” with riprap unless or until the bottom of the ditch is below the road height by at least twice the diameter of the riprap and below the bottom of the culvert feeding the ditch by that same dimension.  Many of our current problems were created when these two rules were ignored.


We will have another meeting to decide to proceed with the ditch and riprap work in another week or two, as soon as Joe completes his sandbox work on Sheriff’s Posse Trail by O’Shaughnessy’s to see how much additional riprap we will need.  We’re thinking any additional riprap should be sandstone color to match our natural rock color, if cost-effective, rather than gray.


(Agenda #3) The meeting was adjourned at 4:58 P.M.