May 23, 2017  6:00 P.M.

Prescott Public Library, Bump Room


(Agenda #1) The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M. Present were Noel Gormay, Laura Ross, Joe Veranth, and two other community members.


(Agenda #2)  The minutes of the 11/3/16 meeting were adopted unanimously.


(Agenda #3) There were no current events to report.


(Agenda #4) Noel advised that road maintenance plans which were approved at the 11/3/16 meeting but not yet executed could probably wait till after July 1, so that decision will be reflected in the proposed budget.  In addition to that ditch work, Noel suggested adding some slurry seal in the spring area in the hopes of pushing a major repair out till we do the next chip seal.  Joe raised the concern that just a slurry seal probably wouldn’t do much without a crack routing and seal, so Noel offered to look into both.


(Agenda #5) The review of current finances centered on the budgeted but unspent $4000 for road maintenance and a $500 shortfall in tax levy received to date. It was decided both would be incorporated into the estimated actual statement of revenues and expenses for FY2017.


(Agenda #5a)  Authorization to pay the final $202.50 snow removal invoice, putting FY2017 snow removal expenditures $110 over budget by transferring money from the road maintenance budget, was approved unanimously.


(Agenda #5b) The board unanimously approved the budgeted transfer of $7600 from the M&O account to the Chip Seal Reserve account.


(Agenda #6) The Board adopted an estimate of revenue and expenditures for FY2017 with a conservative $13,465 tax levy, the expenditures of #5a and #5b, and no road maintenance, resulting in an anticipated carry-over of $7,494 for Fiscal 2018.  A proposed budget expense of $18,725, including $6,000 of road maintenance for the items previously discussed, would bring the budgeted tax levy for next year o $11,231.  The complete FY2017 estimate and FY2018 budget will be presented at the budget hearing.


(Agenda #7)  It was agreed that Laura would take over the responsibilities of Records Manager, as well as the title of Clerk.  


(Agenda #8)  The Board thanks Bob Keltie for his many hours service as Financial Administrator — a invaluable job he did much to define as well as execute. Since there have thus far been no volunteers to take on the responsibilities of Finance Administrator, we discussed the possibility of contracting this task out.  All Board members felt that this should be a last resort, both because the cost would exceed $1000/year and because of a substantially increased embezzlement risk.  It was decided that Joe and Laura would approach some potential district “volunteers” and report the results at our next meeting.


(Agenda #9)  Joe provided an updated email list to the other Board members, to be used for notices.  The only notable gap is for the Rieslands, and Joe offered to track that one down.


(Agenda #10) The Call to the Public elicited no additional topics.


(Agenda #11)  The next Board meeting and Public Hearing on the budget was scheduled for June 17, 9:00 A.M. in the Elsea room.


(Agenda #12) The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.