On Mar 11, 2019  1:00 P.M.

2051 Sheriff's Posse Trail, Prescott, AZ.  86303


(Agenda #1) The meeting was called to order at  1:00 P.M.

Attending:  Shawn Cardinal, Laura Ross, Joe Veranth (via phone), four other community members


(Agenda #2) -notes of Fran Morris-Higgins & Gary Higgins

The Contract that was signed for this year's snow plowing, was Specialty Paving Company's contract, without any changes made by our RMID.  The contract states that they will plow our roads when needed, and gives the cost breakdown by each piece of equipment they might use.  The cost varies depending on whether they're working on our roads on a weekday or a weekend.  


Their invoice shows each day, and date they were here, what equipment they used and how long they worked with each piece of equipment on our streets each day that they were here.  Said another way, if it didn't get plowed we were not charged.


Laura reviews the bills to the best of her ability. She is just one person and not able to view all of our roads at all times..... but we trust her.


Room for improvement in our future contracts: There needs to be clarification as to what roads always get plowed and when they are to be plowed (which is to be based on the number of inches of snow that has already fallen) was noted. Other contract ideas and/or concerns (e.g. how deep the snow is when the plowing will start, when the cinder barrels get filled and to what level in the barrels, when cinders are to be spread on the roads, the quality of their plowing equipment, the desire for minimal snow to be plowed into our driveways that will block driveways therefore keeping us from being able to leave or causing individuals more work and/or costs, etc.) were also noted. Bob and Laura agreed to prepare a list of possible new and improved contract renewal terms. This is likely to be a topic at an upcoming meeting. No decisions could be made regarding any of this at this meeting as it was not an agenda item.


A decision was made to pay the bill as submitted. (Accomplished by a $7000 transfer from the $9000 chip-seal-transfer budget and to be adjusted after the plowing season - JV).


(Agenda #3) The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 P.M.