August 21, 2017  5:00 P.M.

2051 S Sheriff’s Posse Trail, Prescott, AZ 86303


(Agenda #1) The meeting was called to order at 5:05 P.M.  Laura Ross and Joe Veranth were present, as well as five other community members.


(Agenda #2)  Copies of the request-for-bid map were distributed.  There was no need to visit the road maintenance sites since there was no change since last fall.


(Agenda #3) Two bids for the project were reviewed, one from River Mountain Contracting and one from Ricketts Landscaping (two other contractors were contacted but chose not to bid).  Joe moved that we award the contract to the low bidder, Ricketts Landscaping, pending verbal clarification of some omissions in the wording of his bid.  Laura seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.  Joe will notify the bidders of the decision.  Since a big part of the work will be performed on Dave Danowski’s property, Joe suggested that he’d enquire whether Dave wanted to supervise the work.


(Agenda #4) The invoice from Auto-Owners Insurance came in as budgeted, and will be paid by Laura.  The bill from Cincinnati was delayed due to a request for updated District information, but should be here next week.  Since the bid for the ditch work approved above for $1,578.58 is well below the budget, there are no financial issues at the moment.


(Agenda #5) Noel has stated his intent to depart for Washington at the end of the month, but we have not yet received a formal resignation.  Joe will request one.  Volunteers to fill his position are encouraged.  To see approximately what the job entails, go the the District website, www.spcrimd.org, and click on “Responsibilities”.  To be eligible for the job you must be a registered voter in the District.


(Agenda #6) Possible agenda items for a future meeting are the appointment of a replacement for Noel and possibly some landscape work to improve sightlines at the corner of Weeks and Hawk (Briant property), and on Wolverton Trail (Levenson, Millet, and Ritt property).  In order to avoid these expenditures we’re looking for somebody to organize a community (non-RIMD) Saturday cleanup activity.  We’d need about 3 people with loppers and 1-1/2 hours to spare and one with a pickup truck for a trip to the transfer station.


(Agenda #7)  Steve Fredericks asked what all the colored lines on the road were for, and Joe reported that was blue staking (red=APS, orange=CableOne) in preparation for the ditch work.  


(Agenda #8)  The meeting was adjourned at 5:24 P.M.